What Jobseekers Want

Jobseekers are primarily interested in:

  • The job itself: 86.6% of respondents to the Come Make Your Mark survey wanted specific information about skilled and professional jobs and opportunities in the NWT;
  • Career advancement: 73.3% wanted information about typical opportunities and the scope of work available in the NWT;
  • Benefit programs: 57.6% wanted information about benefits such as vacation time, health coverage and insurance.

What Does Partnership Mean?

Becoming a Come Make Your Mark Partner is easy, straightforward and free.

  • Starting in February, 2013, you’ll be able to post NWT-only job vacancies on the Come Make Your Mark website as they occur and to remove them when the job is filled or the job posting cancelled.
  • In consideration of this, the Come Make Your Mark campaign will promote the company/organization as a partner on the website and offer you opportunities to become involved in any further activities and events raising the profile of the NWT as a great place to work.

Why Target Toronto?

  • With a population base of 6 million, the Greater Toronto Area is the most target-rich region in Canada.
  • With a persistent unemployment rate of around 8%, the GTA is an employer-friendly market.
  • More than smaller markets, the GTA is full of potential employees who have already demonstrated a key characteristic for NWT recruits: mobility. A high proportion of GTA residents have already moved at least once for work.
  • The GTA is the most urban environment in Canada, and home to the most extreme forms of urban stress, from pollution to crime to high cost of living and more. It is fertile ground for a strong recruitment campaign informing jobseekers of a less stressful, more rewarding mix of work and lifestyle.

Addressing Jobseeker Concerns

Some key jobseeker perceptions that Move Up will address:

  • The cost of housing: 95.1% were concerned that it was much higher than southern Canada;
  • Cost of food: 85.2% were concerned that it was much higher than southern Canada;
  • Health services: 73.1% were concerned about access to medical services and doctors.
  • Compelling arguments will address and allay these concerns directly.